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For over 20 years, Studio North Creative has delivered high impact, pharmaceutical sales training for many of the world’s largest pharma companies. Our medical knowledge, product knowledge and pharma selling skills experience is deep and diverse.

With projects ranging from e-books, e-learning, workshops, classrooms and online training programs, we have delivered pharma training for:

  • New hire training
  • Product launch
  • Ongoing product promotion
  • Advanced/continuing education

Case Studies


Interactive E-Books on Polycythemia Vera disease and treatment.


Interactive Web-Based Sales Training

Zometa | Femara

Bridging Sales Training & Workshop

Medical Training

Peripheral Neuropathy, Thromboembolysm,
Prostate Cancer, Melanoma,

Oncology University

Interactive e-learning
Lung, Breast & Pancreatic Cancer


Stroke | Medical & Drug Knowledge
Textbook & Interactive e-Learning